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About Ontario Small Business Community 

Fresh Vegetables

When good things come together, it's very good. We are an Ontario Small Business Community. An online platform and community. We are committed to championing and showcasing Ontario based small businesses, artisans, makers and artists. You can find out most recent links here.

We host virtual online markets. Suitable for e-commerce focused small business. As well as for businesses wanting to expand their business reach and content value. To access new customer bases and grow their current customer base though targeted marketing and promotional activities. Which builds presence, drives and funnels new customers and showcase your brand to a wider audience. Information on our bi-monthly virtual markets. For more information on our upcoming virtual markets and to apply find that link here

We provide an online community space for small businesses to connect with other like minded and focused small businesses, artisans, makers and artists, that can be found on Facebook and accessible here

We strive to provide resources to help small businesses start, scale and thrive. Including for the following areas:

Events For Your Business - Ontario Event Directory
A curated and vetted directory of events in Ontario that provide opportunities to small businesses, artisans, makers and artists. Find that directory here. Please note this directory is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and quality. 

Getting Started - Resources For Businesses
• Shipping Providers - Summer 2024
• Website/Ecommerce Providers - Summer 2024
• Payment Providers - Summer 2024
• Insurance Providers - Winter 2024
• Suppliers - Winter 2024
• Small Business Banking Providers - Winter 2024
• Comparison of Sole Proprietorship vs Incorporation - Winter 2024
• Service Providers (Accounting, Photography, Web Design etc.) - Summer 2024

Scaling Your Business - Resources To Scale
• Wholesale - Winter 2024
• Tradeshows - Winter 2024
• Media and Public Relations - Winter 2024
• Growth Marketing Tools - Winter 2024

Funding Your Growth - Grants & Bursaries
• Federal Grants - Summer 2024
• Provincial Grants - Summer 2024
• Private Funding - Summer 2024

Share Your Business - Social Media & Marketing

• Finding Your Brand Voice - Summer 2024 

• Leveraging Social Media - Summer 2024 

• Find Your Go To Platform - Summer 2024 

• Email Marketing That Works  - Winter 2025 

• Turn Admirers Into Customers - Winter 2025 

When these resources become live you can find them here.

Coming in 2025we are launching our Ontario Small Business Directory. A directory of small businesses across all industries including handmade, services, brick and mortar, creative and artists. A membership based opportunity in which businesses are vetted and listed on our website with dedicated pages. Membership includes monthly exclusive access to curated workshops, resources and networking events. With information and resources that go beyond our general resource information. Curated workshops and teaching tools that help small businesses learn the tools they need to succeed, grow their business and grow their brands. We are launching this membership program end of January 2025. 

Coming 2025 we are hosting our first Small Business Conference. A weekend for small business owners to connect, learn and network. To meet services and vendors to help small businesses start, grow and scale. Curated talks by industry professionals on topics like small business ownership, mental health, accounting, supplier relations and social media and marketing. 

We welcome you to our community. Whether you are starting your business, growing and scaling your business or a seasoned business owner. We are happy to be apart of your small business journey! As they say ''good things grow in Ontario'', that could not be more true than for Ontario's Small Business Community.

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