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Our In Person Markets

Ontario Small Business Community is proud to present our Shop Ontario Showcase. Shop local Ontario small businesses, artisans, makers and artists. Curating the best of the best this province has to offer and brining them to you quarterly in Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara and Ottawa. In unique spaces to provide a truly one of a kind local shopping experience. 

Shop Local. Support Ontario




Spring 2023 

 Shop Ontario Showcase: Toronto Spring Market 2023 | April 23rd 2023 | 11am - 6pm | The Garrison

Apply Here

Full - Not Accepting Sellers

Autumn 2023

Shop Ontario Showcase: Toronto Autumn Market 2023 | September 17th 2023 | 11am - 6pm | The Garrison

Apply Here

First Juried Acceptances Sent June 15th 2023 
Second Juried Acceptances Sent July 1st 2023
Application Deadline July 15th 2023 

Holiday 2023 

 Shop Ontario Showcase: Toronto Holiday Market 2023 | December 10th 2023 | 11am - 6pm | The Garrison

Apply Here

First Juried Acceptances Sent July 15th 2023 
Second Juried Acceptances Sent August 1st 2023
Application Deadline August 15th 2023 


Coming in 2024 


Coming in 2024 


Coming in 2024 

 The Fee To Participate is $125.00

What Your Participation Fee Includes:

  • One 6x3 seller space, acess to wifi and electricity. Each seller space accommodates one 6ft table. Ontario Small Business Community does not provide tables, chairs or table linens. We also do not provide items needed for in person selling including signage, additional lighting, and payment methods. 

  • Promotional post on Instagram (41k+ followers) & Facebook (9k+ followers). Which includes one picture of your products. With a unique and appealing copy written by our team tailored to your brand that shares your unique brand and its features, story and value. Intended to elevate and appeal to a wide customer audience. Get customers excited about meeting you in person. Compete with hashtags relevant to your brand and to widen your reach of potential customers and relevance in social search and social algorithms. With direct links to your Instagram, Facebook and online shopping platform. Post stays active across all social media channels for one calendar year. 

  • One promotional Instagram story with direct link to sellers online platform and Instagram. 

  • All sellers online platforms, Instagram and Facebook pages listed and linked in our paid promoted Facebook event. Which will be shared by other sellers, engaged customers and supporters. Ontario Small Business Community also pays for our Facebook event to to be promoted and advertised.  

  • All sellers along with their, shopping platform, Instagram and Facebook, listed in our Shop Ontario Market Series: Toronto market guide on Instagram that stays up and available for one calendar year. With direct links to all sellers online platforms. 

  • All sellers main stories - posted by Ontario Small Business Community are saved in the highlights section of our Instagram that stays up for one calendar year. With direct links to your Instagram and shopping platform. 

  • All sellers along with a picture of their product and online platform are listed on our website and remains active for 6 months after the market has taken place. Our website receives almost an average of 3k + unique visitors a month.

  • All sellers are included in a introduction post on Instagram and Facebook. Complete with their online platforms and socials. This is group promotion of the sellers as a collective group to help sellers promote themselves and their fellow small businesses. 

Thank you for your application and your time. We look forward to working with you and your unique brand. Experiencing your goods and sharing your goods with communities across Ontario. 

*Ontario Small Business Community: Shop Ontario Showcase is a curated market that is juried by three members of our professional team. To ensure fairness and equitable acess. Sellers are chosen based on the merit of their products. Shop Ontario Showcase is a equal opportunity in person market. We do not discriminate based on race, sexual identity, gender, religion or political views. We are committed to providing well promoted, attended and welcoming space for small businesses, artisans and artists to share their goods with the community. Due to the volume of applications we receive, only accepted sellers will be contacted.* 

Thank you for your application and your time. We look forward to working with you and your unique brand. 

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